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List of Works

Choral Anthems

The Shepherd (William Blake) - SATB

Easter Wings (George Herbert) - SATB

Hineh Mah Tov (Psalm 132) - SATB Hebrew text (NOTE: This piece can be heard on the CD "I Love All Beauteous Things: Music from St. Clement's, sung by the Choir of St. Clement's Church, St. Paul, Minnesota, conducted by Douglas Shambo II.)

The Christ Child (G.K. Chesterton) - SA, organ

Magnificat "Angelus ad Virginem" - SA, organ English/Latin texts (commissioned by the University of Minnesota Episcopal Center)

Shir HaTzefania ("A Song of Zephania") - SA, violin, organ Hebrew text (commissioned by the University of Minnesota Episcopal Center)

Rejoice in the Lord (Psalm 133) - SATB, organ

Three Anthems - SATB Latin text

Ave Maria, Pater Noster, Salve Regina

Companions, All Sing Loudly (Basque carol text) - SATB, alto or baritone solo, handbells (commissioned by the Choristers and Fellowes of the Nevil Memorial Church of St. George, Ardmore, PA)

Yihyu l'ratzon (Aaronic Prayer) - SATB a cappella Hebrew text

Oratio Patris Condren ("Father de Condren's Prayer) - SAATBB a cappella Latin

Jubilate Deo - Children's Choir, organ/piano acc.

Venite - Children's Choir, organ/piano acc.

Beata Dei Genetrix Maria (Christmas Antiphon) - Soprano solo, SATB, organ

Christus Factus Est (Antiphon for Palm Sunday, Good Friday) - SATB, soprano solo

Hoc Corpus (Antiphon for Holy Thursday) - SATB

Create in me, O God (Psalm 51) - SATB

The Shepherd's Carol - SATB, horn in F

Crossing the Bar (Tennyson) - SATB

One Thing Have I Asked/Show Me Thy Ways, O Lord - SATB, organ

St. Patrick's Breastplate - SATB, organ (commissioned by Rev. Cricket Cooper,. Stephen's Parish, Pittsfield, MA;)

God So Loved the World - SATB

Pascha Nostrum (Anthem for Easter) - SATB, French horn, trombone

Canticles and Service Music

<> - SATB, organ, chamber orchestra French text

St. Paul Mass - congregation, celebrant, organ

- Roman Catholic and Episcopal versions

St. Clement's Evening Service - SATB, organ

1. Magnificat

2. Nunc Dimittis

Preces and Responses (BCP 1979, Rite II) - SATB

- Two settings

Missa (2014) - SATB Latin text

1. Kyrie eleison

2. Gloria in excelsis Deo

3. Credo in unum Deum

4. Sanctus & Benedictus

5. Agnus Dei

6. Ite Missa Est

Book of Anglican Chants

Four American Hymns - SATB Choir and Organ

1. Kedron (set to "New Every Morning" - John Keble)

2. Jefferson (set to "Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken" - John Newton)

3. Retirement (set to "When I Survey the Wondrous Cross" - Isaac Watts)

4. Bozra (set to "Jesus From the Tomb Has Come" - Author Unknown)

Concert Pieces

Variations on "Saint Louis, Roi de France" - SATB, organ, chamber orchestra (commissioned by the Church of Saint Louis, King of France, St. Paul, MN)

Litanie pour la Fete de Saint Louis - SATB, SATB soloists, harp (commissioned by the Church of Saint Louis, King of France, St. Paul, MN)

Chamber Symphony - in three movements

Three Studies for Winds and Percussion

Variant On A Shaker Tune - Concert Band

Secular Choral

Shakespeare Songs - SATB a cappella

1. Full fathom five

2. Come unto these yellow sands

3. Tell me, where is fancy bred

A Few Leaves of Grass (Walt Whitman)- SATB a cappella

1. Whispers of Heavenly Death

2. As Adam Early In the Morning

3. A Clear Midnight

4. O You

5. Look Down, Fair Moon

6. Joy, Shipmate, Joy!

Solo Voice

Mizmor l'David (Psalm 145) - Alto or baritone solo, harp Hebrew text

(NOTE: This piece can be heard on the CD, "Vierge, Sois Clemente", Musique de Saint Louis, the Church of St. Louis, King of France, St. Paul, Minnesota, with Douglas Shambo II, baritone, and Jan Stein, harp.) Or, use the following link:

American Folk Song Arrangements - voice and piano

1. Sailin' in the Boat

2. Captain Kidd

3. Lonesome Wolfe

4. Holy Manna

Cinq Chansons du Vieux Canada

1. Vive la Canadienne!

2. Un canadien errant

3. Laissez passer, les raftsmen!

4. Isabeau s'y promene

5. A la claire fontaine

Herbert Songs (George Herbert) - tenor, oboe, and English horn

1. Easter

2. Bitter-Sweet


Improvisation on "Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland" (for Nils Halker)

Passacaglia and Fugue (also arranged for Concert Band)



Old American Hymns

1. Holy Manna

2. Star in the East

Book of Inventions​

Book of Preludes and Fugues

Instrumental - Various

Sonata for Clarinet and Piano

Three Pieces for Three Equal Clarinets

Three Thompson Park Variations - for Woodwind Quintet

***2nd Movement:

Studies for Solo Violin

Sonatina for Violin and Piano

Sonatina for Violoncello and Piano

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